Puppy Power


A new fluffy addition to our family….Flossie!

Our puppy is 8 weeks and 3 days old today and is adorable! And in contrast to our equally adorable dog Keano, she is a thorough bred pedigree. Though what Keano lacks in pedigree, he more than makes up for in character.

Originally Millie, we settled on the name Flossie, inspired by my Great Grandmother (named Flossie after her mother read ‘The Mill on the Floss’) and the puppy’s candy floss coat. Unbeknown to us this choice of name held more significance than we first thought. On arrival, with paperwork in tow, Flossie settled in to our home just fine. On closer inspection of her paperwork, we discovered she was in fact born on my Great Grandmother’s birthday, the 9th March! Co-incidence, re-incarnation or my great Grandmother’s influence from above? My mother says she did have a brilliant sense of humour.

Lets hope Flossie and Keano become the best of friends…




For the past few months I have been working all the hours under the sun – and too many under the moon- and I expected no let up in this exhuastion until at least September when my MA finishes, if not years down the line after having bagged the fashion job of my dreams and yet again working my arse off to make it in the business. Thankfully I have been proven wrong. This week, although under pressure and working as hard as ever, I have felt the exhaustion lifting and a sense of calm has engolfed me. I can put this down to a number of things:

1. My yoga practice of course.

2. My sister’s wedding has been and gone after 18 months of planning – and what a be-a-utiful day it was!!

3. An increase in confidence in myself and my abilities as a pattern cutter. Yes – I actually managed to resolve a brand spangly new technique all by myself after weeks and weeks and weeks of experimenting and no previous experience as a pattern cutter!

4. And finally, the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel! After 6 years studying, struggling o make ends meet (and coping with living with the parents at 27) I can finally see the possibility of a fashion job coming my way – believe believe believe!!

These four significant points have enabled me to finish some rather tricky and HUGE toiles in just two days – my personal best!! The hard work is worth it after all!

Now to write an essay….



I recently updated the timeplan for my Final MA project. I am rather strict on myself when it comes to planning. I rarely see my boyfriend and lead a very anti-social life at the moment due to my determination to finish all toiles by the end of May. I have made a good start but have still managed to fall behind on the very first week of my new plan. Could this be because my aims were unrealistic or were my plans too specific? It cannot be because I haven’t been focusing or working because that my friend, I have been doing plenty of! The reality is, I didn’t allow time for particular architectual garments, which require more attention that others! Therefore, I am not going to beat up about these lost couple of days, I am simply going to re-visit my schedule and get back on track!

I will do this right now….


I have looked briefly at Alexander McQueen’s Fall10 collection a number of times but have yet to delve right in.  I have been saving this moment hoping to find the time to sit down and study elements of the collection in detail. As usual my life has been mega busy and tonight is the first night I have managed to re-visit my blog. I decided to write about Alexander McQueen at the last minute having visited Style.com and ‘briefly’ flicking through his slideshow yet again. I have realised this is what I love about Alexander McQueen’s work, his ability to intrigue the viewer through conceptual designs whilst producing a collection that is also visually exciting at face value.

Rather than commenting on individual elements of the the collection I urge you to view th slideshow and take what you can from his final collection, which couldn’t have been completed without the aid of his talented team and closest confidents.

Help For Heroes


I don’t want to say too much for fear of invading the privacy of those close to me but I wish to explain the lack of ramblings about fashion on my blog of late, which have seemed egotistical and unimportant in comparison with the lives of others around me.

Although I absolutely adore fashion and regard it as important both socially and personally, this weekend I have been grounded by the insignificance of many aspects of my life, such as my daily moaning about my headaches, wishing that I had more pennies in my bank account and complaining about the state of my dry skin. This is all due to the realisation of a family member leaving to fight in Afghanistan. I urge everyone to visit Help for Heroes and donate some pennies to support our Soldiers.

Of course the soldier in question would think me stupid for posting this blog, therefore normal ‘fashion focused’ blogging will be resumed in due course!

It’s been a week and in that week I have reached a pinnacle point in my MA project. My final designs have been decided, which has lifted a weight from my shoulders, only to be replaced by another, weightier issue – how the hell do I realise these ambitious, unconventional shapes I have drawn??? Where there is a will there is  a way and I definitely have a will, I just need to find the way! I would like to keep my designs under wraps until the unveiling in September but to keep you guessing I have started by moulding some papier mache this week. Which has scared the life out of my wimpy dog as balloons and beach balls have been popping all weekend.

Back to the paste and paper!

The Aura


I must add this snippet of information to remind me that I am indeed in tune with the fashion world. 6 weeks ago I embarked on the creation of my MA collection. I have stated throughout that although my collection has initially been driven by conceptualism, the end result will be wearable fashion as opposed to art. The collection will have an aura that suggests it’s initial meaning.

How smug was I when I found the following paragraph in Sarah Mower’s review of Hussain Chalayan’s Fall 2010 collection:

“In these days of reduced budgets and the pressure to sell clothes, the art of the fashion show as theater—which Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen both pushed to a pinnacle of creativity in London in the nineties—has, much to the detriment of audience fulfillment, been shoved to the back of the agenda. Now meanings and messages are often delivered only aurally, but in some hands they can still be powerfully affecting.”

Over and out.