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£971.75 Later


My degree in textile design has not been wasted, I designed some prints for my final MA fashion collection and the fabric has been delivered this week! It looks fab so I thought I’d post some photos! My pockets are empty but I hope it’s worth it!!

Puppy Power


A new fluffy addition to our family….Flossie! Our puppy is 8 weeks and 3 days old today and is adorable! And in contrast to our equally adorable dog Keano, she is a thorough bred pedigree. Though what Keano lacks in pedigree, he more than makes up for in character. Originally Millie, we settled on the […]



For the past few months I have been working all the hours under the sun – and too many under the moon- and I expected no let up in this exhuastion until at least September when my MA finishes, if not years down the line after having bagged the fashion job of my dreams and […]

It’s been a week and in that week I have reached a pinnacle point in my MA project. My final designs have been decided, which has lifted a weight from my shoulders, only to be replaced by another, weightier issue – how the hell do I realise these ambitious, unconventional shapes I have drawn??? Where […]