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Men in skirts, lots of print, an homage to Alexander McQueen through heavy use of the skull motif? Comme des Garcons’ menswear Spring 2011 did not disappoint! Advertisements

My new favourite app on my iPhone 4 (yes, I queued!) is I visit the website daily but to be honest I don’t read much, I prefer the pictures! This app delivers fab imagery and great stories in an easy to read summary. I’m going to log in daily to learn something stylishy new […]

I Heart Paper


Loving this paper stock brochure from GFSmiths…



The sun was out, the car was hot, the radio was broken but I managed to buy all, yes ALL my chosen fabrics from Shepherds Bush in 1 (typically eventful) visit! Having already chosen the fabrics and colours it sounds like an easy task but not to somebody who adores fabric! Familiar with the gorgeousness […]



For the past few months I have been working all the hours under the sun – and too many under the moon- and I expected no let up in this exhuastion until at least September when my MA finishes, if not years down the line after having bagged the fashion job of my dreams and […]



I recently updated the timeplan for my Final MA project. I am rather strict on myself when it comes to planning. I rarely see my boyfriend and lead a very anti-social life at the moment due to my determination to finish all toiles by the end of May. I have made a good start but […]