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My new favourite app on my iPhone 4 (yes, I queued!) is I visit the website daily but to be honest I don’t read much, I prefer the pictures! This app delivers fab imagery and great stories in an easy to read summary. I’m going to log in daily to learn something stylishy new […]



For the past few months I have been working all the hours under the sun – and too many under the moon- and I expected no let up in this exhuastion until at least September when my MA finishes, if not years down the line after having bagged the fashion job of my dreams and […]

The Aura


I must add this snippet of information to remind me that I am indeed in tune with the fashion world. 6 weeks ago I embarked on the creation of my MA collection. I have stated throughout that although my collection has initially been driven by conceptualism, the end result will be wearable fashion as opposed to art. The collection will have […]

I’d like to thank ‘MUCHLY’ my friends for helping me with the photo shoot last Thursday. And big thanks to the gorgeous Kate Doran who looked fab throughout! The photo shoot captured  the movement of fabric and the human body. I hope to develop designs from the results! You can see a slideshow by visiting my website […]

Mert and Marcus


Despite yet another (kit kat induced) migraine I have actually made significant progress in my final project. I have been so organised this week it is beginning to scare me. Not only have I systematically trawled through my vast collection of design books and scanned in a huge selection of images, I have organised a […]

So, after days of indecisive, non-creativeness I think I have had a break through. An image has inspired me, quite how I’m not sure yet, but in the sketchbook it has gone along with subsequent finds from my stash of arty books! On another note, has anyone else drawn similarities between Viktor and Rolf’s Spring […]