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The Aura


I must add this snippet of information to remind me that I am indeed in tune with the fashion world. 6 weeks ago I embarked on the creation of my MA collection. I have stated throughout that although my collection has initially been driven by conceptualism, the end result will be wearable fashion as opposed to art. The collection will have […]

Mert and Marcus


Despite yet another (kit kat induced) migraine I have actually made significant progress in my final project. I have been so organised this week it is beginning to scare me. Not only have I systematically trawled through my vast collection of design books and scanned in a huge selection of images, I have organised a […]

Still sitting at my mac having spent hours surfing. I’m not feeling much inspiration coming from the comp….must be time to start looking elsewhere! Time to get conceptual…..tomorrow, in daylight…! I did find this pic from Comme des Garcons new collection, right track minus the clown. I bet no-one has a clue what I’m drivelling […]