The sun was out, the car was hot, the radio was broken but I managed to buy all, yes ALL my chosen fabrics from Shepherds Bush in 1 (typically eventful) visit!

Having already chosen the fabrics and colours it sounds like an easy task but not to somebody who adores fabric! Familiar with the gorgeousness of shops in the swanky soho, I opted for a more understated area of London to avoid over-spending on my basic fabric choices.

The plan was to set off early armed with my budget, shopping list and sunnies. Familiar with the route and even the parking available, I arrived in good time, pleased to have avoided the rush hour train, which brings back memories of hellish commutes. No budget no shopping list!!!!!! My worst fear – being let loose in a fabric shop with no guidelines. TOO TEMPTING! Luckily a quick phone call to my mum and some almost unreadable scribbles on a tube map later and I was back on track – almost. I still had to conquer my habit of taking a metre of every fabric in the shop.

What surprised me most was the exactness of colours I found. Although I had sampled the fabrics previously I was still very nervous when purchasng the final selection, spending 0ver £200 on silk is terrifying! However on snipping and taping the fabrics next to my print designs I am more than pleased with my choices!

No doubt I’ll have to overcome more nerves before taking the first snip! And yes, I did end up buying a few extra metres of fabric that wasn’t on my list – just in case!


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