For the past few months I have been working all the hours under the sun – and too many under the moon- and I expected no let up in this exhuastion until at least September when my MA finishes, if not years down the line after having bagged the fashion job of my dreams and yet again working my arse off to make it in the business. Thankfully I have been proven wrong. This week, although under pressure and working as hard as ever, I have felt the exhaustion lifting and a sense of calm has engolfed me. I can put this down to a number of things:

1. My yoga practice of course.

2. My sister’s wedding has been and gone after 18 months of planning – and what a be-a-utiful day it was!!

3. An increase in confidence in myself and my abilities as a pattern cutter. Yes – I actually managed to resolve a brand spangly new technique all by myself after weeks and weeks and weeks of experimenting and no previous experience as a pattern cutter!

4. And finally, the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel! After 6 years studying, struggling o make ends meet (and coping with living with the parents at 27) I can finally see the possibility of a fashion job coming my way – believe believe believe!!

These four significant points have enabled me to finish some rather tricky and HUGE toiles in just two days – my personal best!! The hard work is worth it after all!

Now to write an essay….


One Response to “Be-a-utiful…”

  1. 1 Coco

    congrats! thats so exciting and awesome!!

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