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I have looked briefly at Alexander McQueen’s Fall10 collection a number of times but have yet to delve right in.  I have been saving this moment hoping to find the time to sit down and study elements of the collection in detail. As usual my life has been mega busy and tonight is the first […]

Help For Heroes


I don’t want to say too much for fear of invading the privacy of those close to me but I wish to explain the lack of ramblings about fashion on my blog of late, which have seemed egotistical and unimportant in comparison with the lives of others around me. Although I absolutely adore fashion and […]

It’s been a week and in that week I have reached a pinnacle point in my MA project. My final designs have been decided, which has lifted a weight from my shoulders, only to be replaced by another, weightier issue – how the hell do I realise these ambitious, unconventional shapes I have drawn??? Where […]

The Aura


I must add this snippet of information to remind me that I am indeed in tune with the fashion world. 6 weeks ago I embarked on the creation of my MA collection. I have stated throughout that although my collection has initially been driven by conceptualism, the end result will be wearable fashion as opposed to art. The collection will have […]

Get a Grip!


Well, it’s Friday evening and I have set aside my pencils for the day – Rock and Roll! I have been avoiding updating the blog of late, there are a few reasons for this which are rather dull, but the main one seems to be a recurring feeling of self-doubt. I am assuming it is […]



I had an exciting little parcel waiting for me when I got home today! To save my precious pennies I decided to print my photos in book format as opposed to full scale glossy prints. The book arrived today and I was more than pleased with the results! If you’d like to take a peek […]

Design Therapy


Updating my blog and my website has become a therapeutic process. Scanning my sketchbook allows me to re-visit my work and reflect on the relationships formed and the paths I have taken thus far. My conceptually led, ‘open-book’ approach has developed into a more directional, design led body of work in which my natural style […]