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The Elite


Well, I haven’t posted anything directly trend related for a while and I thought I would share my thoughts on the shows of late. Starting with the fab Thakoon who showed his romantic collection of muted shades in an array of voluminous shift dresses. I am all for this look, it is totally up my […]

I’d like to thank ‘MUCHLY’ my friends for helping me with the photo shoot last Thursday. And big thanks to the gorgeous Kate Doran who looked fab throughout! The photo shoot captured  the movement of fabric and the human body. I hope to develop designs from the results! You can see a slideshow by visiting my website […]

Mert and Marcus


Despite yet another (kit kat induced) migraine I have actually made significant progress in my final project. I have been so organised this week it is beginning to scare me. Not only have I systematically trawled through my vast collection of design books and scanned in a huge selection of images, I have organised a […]

Dinny Hall


Must add…….the beautiful Bijou Heart ring Rhys bought me – I love it! I must also add, we are never usually this extravagant on Valentines day, it had much to do with me circling it in the Independent supplement last weekend! But what a lovely boyfriend eh! Take a look at their website, I love […]



Wahoo, the final project is underway. I’ve had an unusually romantic day out with Rhys, by which I mean we went shopping and ate pasta (not his fave thing to do in the world). Anyway, we ventured out to Gunwharf, where there are an array of outlet stores. As usual it’s hard to find anything […]

So, after days of indecisive, non-creativeness I think I have had a break through. An image has inspired me, quite how I’m not sure yet, but in the sketchbook it has gone along with subsequent finds from my stash of arty books! On another note, has anyone else drawn similarities between Viktor and Rolf’s Spring […]

Still sitting at my mac having spent hours surfing. I’m not feeling much inspiration coming from the comp….must be time to start looking elsewhere! Time to get conceptual…..tomorrow, in daylight…! I did find this pic from Comme des Garcons new collection, right track minus the clown. I bet no-one has a clue what I’m drivelling […]